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One of the main advantages of microchips is that stolen or lost pets can be returned to their owners quickly, since they work like an ID. Moreover, it is compulsory in our region.


10% discount

Leishmaniasis is a serious disease, spread by a mosquito and very common in our region. Take the opportunity and have your pet tested at 10% discount.


If you lack time or do not have a vehicle, we will come to your home adress to pick up your pet, take it to our centre for a close examination, and afterwards bring it back to your home.


How to get in touch:

Practice phonenumber:
972 901 607

Emergencies customers: 608 719 398

Email: info@elvellmari.com

Veterinary Centre - Lloret de Mar



If you consider your pet is in an emergency situation outside of normal opening hours, you can always contact us at our emergency phone number 608 719 398.

We will help you with your problem and if necessary, we will attend you quickly at our veterinary clinic provided with all the necessary equipment.


If you wish, we offer counselling on specific nutritional needs for all kind of animals. We have high quality food appropriate for every type of breed and all life stages, as well as special prescription diets.

In case of doubts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Easy parking in front of the clinic.

General medicine
EL Vell Mari

Medical visits related to mild pathologies, which do not need specialized diagnostic systems, are considered to belong to General Medicine. Our experience and training allows us to come up with an adequate diagnosis and treatment, always at the lowest possible cost for the pet owner.

We pay special attention to Preventive Medicine, since we consider this the best tool to assure a good quality of life for your pet, preventing future diseases. This is a very important concept at our clinic. Not only do we dedicate a lot of time to the development of strictly medical prevention guidelines, we also provide training to pet owners about basic sanitary and hygiene concepts, nutrition, nutrition guidelines, handling animals; and all those routine however important questions for the pet’s as well as its owner’s health and well-being.

Home address
EL Vell Mari

In case you are not able to visit our centre, or if more animals are involved, we offer our home service. However, we recommend restricting this service to preventive treatments such as vaccinations, or mild pathologies. In any other case, it is unlikely we can offer our services at the corresponding level at the home address.

In any case, you can get in touch with us and we will try to attend your request in the most comfortable and convenient way for you and your pet.

EL Vell Mari

Radiology is the most common method of diagnostic imaging for small animals. With a simple X-ray we are able to diagnose fractures, bone pathologies, cardiopulmonary problems, strange radiopaque objects, and many other problems that could not be diagnosed in another way.

Contrast X-rays, on the other hand, help us to specify existing problems in the digestive system, the urinary system, or the spinal column.

EL Vell Mari

Veterinary Centre El Vellmarí has its own laboratory. Within minutes, haemograms, biochemistry and ionograms can be carried out. This allows us to evaluate the internal environment of our patients with a lot of celerity, and address the severity of their situation accurately.

Ultrasound scan
EL Vell Mari

Ultrasound scanning is a system of diagnostic imaging that can provide us with a lot of information about organs and internal anatomic structures, since it allows us to visualize directly and in a non-invasive way. Therefore, it is often essential for establishing a differential or even final diagnosis.

Nowadays, ultrasound scanning is a very important diagnostic imaging technique, and therefore Veterinary Centre El Vellmarí can count on the necessary equipment for echocardiography, ultrasound guided biopsies and ocular, articular and abdominal ultrasonography

Ultrasound allows the exploration of soft tissues, but cannot pass through bone, mineralized structures, or air. This limits its use for bone exploration or for structures filled with air such as lungs. On the other hand, ultrasound scans play an important role in the study of the internal structure of:

  • Urinary system (bladder, kidneys and urethra)
  • Reproductive system (uterus and ovaries, testicles and prostate, and pregnancy assessment)
  • Spleen
  • Liver and gallbladder
  • Adrenal glands
  • Pancreas
  • Flow and structure of the digestive tract
  • Lymph nodes
  • Thyroid, parathyroid and salivary glands
  • Heart and vascular structures
EL Vell Mari

Surgery is one of the basic cornerstones of our clinic. Consequently, we have a well-equipped operating room and we follow a standardized protocol with mechanical ventilation.

Thus, we can assure our patients the maximum possible anaesthetic and surgical security.

EL Vell Mari

Endoscopy is a diagnostic imaging technique with minimally invasive surgery. Images are captured by a very small camera. Veterinary Centre El Vellmarí counts on an external endoscopy service which allows us to diagnose problems that cannot be diagnosed otherwise, using minimally invasive surgery for our pets.

The removal of fishhooks and other strange objects from the stomach, for example, turns into a type of problem much easier to solve.

The Mona Foundation
EL Vell Mari

Besides small animals, our other great passion as veterinary surgeons is large primates. At the Veterinary Centre el Vellmarí we are external veterinaries for the Mona Foundation in Riudellots de la Selva since 2005. This private centre is specialized in the rescue and recovery of primates in an irregular administrative situation or directly illegal. It is the first centre of its kind in Spain.

EL Vell Mari

Occasionally the critical situation of a patient might require their hospitalization. The necessary intensive supervising, specialized treatments, serum therapy, and permanent dedication can only be carried out if the animal is hospitalized and under our supervision. These conditions are often those that allow us to improve a patient’s life.

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