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One of the main advantages of microchips is that stolen or lost pets can be returned to their owners quickly, since they work like an ID. Moreover, it is compulsory in our region.


10% discount

Leishmaniasis is a serious disease, spread by a mosquito and very common in our region. Take the opportunity and have your pet tested at 10% discount.


If you lack time or do not have a vehicle, we will come to your home adress to pick up your pet, take it to our centre for a close examination, and afterwards bring it back to your home.


How to get in touch:

Practice phonenumber:
972 901 607

Emergencies customers:
608 719 398

Email: info@elvellmari.com

Veterinary Centre - Lloret de Mar


Veterinary Centre El Vellmarí opened in 2009 with the ambition of providing high quality veterinary coverage, combined with a pleasant and personalized treatment. We like to explain our clients thoroughly what is happening to their pets, and we do our best to provide information as clear, fast and updated as possible.

At Veterinary Centre El Vellmarí we love our work. Therefore, and in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients as well as patients, we have a high-level technical and scientific equipment and staff at our disposal.

We take care of all usual kinds of animals: from dogs and cats, to rabbits or reptiles. We treat almost all kind of pets that might possibly live with us in our homes.

We offer a wide range of services: standard visits, vaccinations, analysis in situ, radiology, ultra sound scan, surgery, as well as counselling on specific nutritional needs.

The well-being of our patients is our mission.

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